Our global education program offers a wide range of opportunities for students to develop the skills and attributes important for a successful future no matter what career or education path they pursue. A semester abroad with UWP can be a valuable part of any student’s professional development plan.

Research shows that employers worldwide are looking for people with the same skills and attributes that the Up with People education program aims to develop within its students. These include:

  • cross-cultural understanding
  • written and verbal communication
  • leadership
  • public speaking, and
  • creative thinking.

Universities want to enroll, and companies want to hire, people who demonstrate adaptability, creative problem solving, social responsibility and the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people.

For international students whose native language is not English, the UWP experience is also an excellent way to improve English-speaking skills.

“It was a very demanding and challenging year, but an immensely rewarding one. I grew as a person and realized that nobody makes your life for you – it is up to you. I clarified my own values and discovered how to be a self-starter and an entrepreneur. That has influenced everything I have done since.” Betsy Myers, USA – UWP Alumna; Author; Former Executive Director of Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Deputy Assistant to U.S. President Bill Clinton


While on tour, students can apply for an internship where they will work alongside a staff member for six weeks, learning their role through hands-on training. These unpaid internships are available in areas such as marketing and public relations, merchandise sales, admissions, logistics, education, finance and performing arts (sound, lighting, dance, band, vocals). Some internships offer students the chance to interact with local business and community leaders and develop critical public speaking, presentation and promotion skills.

An Education intern, for example, will plan, coordinate and implement community service projects. Technical interns take on the task of managing the set–up crew, overseeing lighting, sound and stage preparation. Promotion Team interns travel to a city ahead of the cast to assist staff members in planning, logistics, marketing and public relations essential to making the tour a success. The opportunities are as diverse as the participants themselves.

Networking Opportunities

There are many opportunities for our participants to establish their personal and professional networks while traveling abroad with UWP. From the international students they travel with, to the host families they live with in each city; from the business leaders they interact with, to the 21,000+ fellow UWP alumni network they automatically join on completion of the program. Many former students have taken advantage of these networks to further define what they want to study, what career path to choose, or to secure job advice or placements.