PERFORM for Thousands.

Don't you want to be like that guy?

More than 50 years ago, the founders of the Up with People program believed that music was a powerful international language. As musicians themselves, they knew of the strength of song to bring together people of all cultures to share a common experience. Today, the performing arts continues to be an integral part of the UWP global education program.

All students and staff participate in all aspects of the live touring production, from on-stage performance to the technical theatre requirements. Some UWP participants have extensive performing arts background prior to traveling, while others have little or no experience in the arts. Every participant will learn the skills needed to participate in the show. Auditions are not required as part of the program application process.

In every community, Up with People performs a professional, two-hour musical stage production. Through international and contemporary music and dance, we aim to communicate with and inspire in others a hope for our future and to spark people to action in meeting the needs of their local communities and the world. Performances are open to all members of the community. During the show, we highlight our sponsors, local student groups and the community organizations with whom we partner for our service-learning projects

Other skills and attributes developed through the Performing Arts curriculum include public speaking, confidence, leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication and teamwork. All of these skills are valuable to any education or career path.

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