TRAVEL with a Purpose

Marco ParisOne of the many features that make the UWP program such a unique opportunity is our multi-continent tour. Each semester, program participants will spend one week in nearly 20 different communities on at least two continents, visiting a variety of distinct cultural regions.

In addition to exploring the cultural sights, sounds and tastes of each place we visit, our students go one step further and really engage with the local culture ensuring each week is a unique, education immersion experience.

As students of the world, participants discover what makes each region unique from its politics, history, culture, geography, environmental issues, religions or economics. These immersion experiences change the hearts and minds of our participants, preparing them to embrace their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.

Host Family Living

One important way in which UWP participants engage in the communities they visit is by staying with local host families. Living with community members in their homes - be it an urban flat, a rural farmhouse or a thatch hut – offers an unparalleled level of cultural immersion and the opportunity to form international friendships, many which will last a lifetime.

Year after year our students testify to the host family experience being one of the most compelling and memorable aspects of their international experience. But, this experience is as much for the family and for the community as it is for our participants.

Denver Host Family 2009

More than 800,000 families have opened their hearts and homes to UWP participants throughout our 50 year history. Read some of our host family testimonials to see what some of these families have said about their experience.